How To Select Your Travel Squad

At this age, you would think I would have my travel squad solidified. However, since I like to travel I come across people who mention to invite them on a trip or invite me since they know my love for travel. 5 years ago I’d be like sure, let’s go! Now I’m VERY careful with who I travel with and accept and extend invites to due to being stuck with the bill on a past group trip that I was INVITED on. When assessing if you should add new people to the squad, consider the following.

Do other members of the squad own a major and valid credit card? You don’t want to be the one stuck with booking everything and if you get in a jam out of the country you need an alternate payment method. If this doesn’t matter to you, travel at your own risk.


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How do they travel?

Do they like to couch surf or stay in hostels but you’d rather be in a 4 or 5 star? Are they too good for seats in coach? These are things to consider. If this is not a deal breaker keep reading.


What type of activities do they like to do? This is important to know before as if you are queen or king of the night, it probably would not be a great idea to travel with someone who doesn’t want to see the nightlife. If you like adventure and exploring, it won’t behoove you to travel with someone who just wants to tan on the beach. Gauge their interest so you are not alone on the trip and don’t get your hopes up.


Assess Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s always good to know who out of the group is the organized one, the one you can trust to book the right things and/or keep track of group payments etc. Then there’s the smooth talker in the group the one that scores you free drinks or the well-connected one who can gain entry into the hottest spot. Knowing this ahead of time can help with trip planning.


Travel with people who don’t dominate picking the destination or putting together the itinerary. Are they kind and thoughtful that they would alternate with window seat and be considerate in the room? After reading all of the above and they aren’t deal breakers you may find yourself compromising and going off to eat what you want or do what you want. Hopefully not more than desired because otherwise, you should have taken a solo trip. 😀

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Last but not least ask what size they wear so you can borrow their stuff.:) Ok, that one is mostly for girls or maybe that only happens within my squad.

How do you add to your squad? Do you even bother? Comment below.


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A few things to consider before adding to your travel squad.


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