#WorkHardTravelWell 2016 Recap + Travelers You NEED TO Know in 2017!

The mantra Work Hard Travel Well was created in 2014 and initially used between myself and a few friends. The more I interacted on social media, the more I realized more people agreed with the mantra in lifestyle.. Let’s take a look at some cool things that have happened with the Work Hard Travel Well Brand, #WorkHardTravelWell Travel Community and 8 travelers you need to follow for the new year!

  1. Work Hard Travel Well received a COMPLETE site makeover in April! It was long overdue and provides for a better user experience. Tell me what you think about the new design in the comments below.
  2. The Work Hard Travel Well store was launched in May which includes WHTW themed clothing, travel gear and other cool travel tees!#WorkHardTravelWell
  3. Work Hard Travel Well became a registered trademark in 2016 after more than a year of the legal process. This is actually a normal time-frame for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  4. People around the world use the hashtag on Social media to showcase their travels and related content. Travelers are featured on Instagram on:

    Men Travel Well Monday-Created because men are often overlooked as world travelers but they are out there!

    Work Hard Travel Well Wednesday

    Travel Squad Thursday-Created to highlight group travel.

  5. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Portal was a hit. Here travelers could get direct access to several flight, hotel, tour and packaged trip discounts! Although those deals have expired get access to savings you can use all year long!
  6. Over 30K photos have been tagged with #WorkHardTravelWell on Instagram.
  7. You all really love a good travel meme! Here are a few of the popular ones:




Groupon Getaways


2017 Goals For Work Hard Travel Well

Connect more!

I am interested in connecting with you all in an online social group! I want travelers to be able to connect with others, share tips and find other people traveling to the same destinations. I love interacting with you all in the comments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but it will be easier to interact and share things with each other in a group setting. If you want to connect with other travelers, fill out this interest form to be notified of the group’s launch!

Yes, I want to connect with other travelers!

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#WorkHardTravelWell TV

More travel tips and a look into hot destinations around the world will be covered on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to keep up with the relaunch, live and helpful on demand videos!

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            Inspire and Celebrate more dope travelers who exemplify #WorkHardTravelWell

            Work Hard Travel Well is more than just about great trips or the greatest travel photos. The mantra includes the ‘Work Hard’ aspect to discuss not only include those who work a typical 9-5 job but it includes Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Creatives that are working hard to make their dreams come true. Those that are working to create a life worth traveling for! In the upcoming year, I will highlight more Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Creatives who are creating and growing an empire and traveling well at the same time!

            Check out these dope creative travelers that exemplify #WorkHardTravelWell and FOLLOW them!

            Tamaa Alyssa

            Tamaa Alyssa

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Europe, surprisingly Budapest.

            What are your travel goals for 2017? A few countries in Africa.

            What do you do? Digital marketing and brand development consultant and Brand Ambassador for DREAMTRIPS worldwide!




            SnapChat: @TamaaAlyssa1


            Click to Tweet Tamaa’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            If more people travel there will be less racism and intolerance of the unknown and undiscovered! Click To Tweet

            Jason Butler

            Jason Butler ButlerJournal.com

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Costa Rica

            What are your travel goals for 2017? London, Boston, Dallas and more.

            What do you do? I am a Blogger at TheButlerJournal.com where I discuss Finance, ways to reduce debt and travel!





            Click to Tweet Jason’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            It's fun to step outside of your comfort zone. Click To Tweet

            Merdice Evans

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

            What are your travel goals for 2017? I already have Cuba booked again along with Paris and Barcelona, Milan and Budapest, Santiago Chile, and Reykjavik, Iceland for about $1,500 total (I’m all about a flight deal) and I would love to add a honeymoon in Thailand to the list.

            What do you do? I work in Information Technology for a large, global company. I also help my sister with her boutiques in Jacksonville and Atlanta – Meow and Barks Boutique. 




            SnapChat: @Merdice

            Click to Tweet Merdice’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            I'm grateful for the many opportunities that I'm blessed with to pursue my dreams and aspirations. Click To Tweet

            Ryan Givens

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Vieques, Puerto Rico

            What are your travel goals for 2017? Iceland, India, South Africa, Australia

            What do you do?I travel to see and witness the ‘ways of the world’ and learn how others experience day to day life thousands of miles away. Website coming soon





            Click to Tweet Ryan’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            Trust yourself and take risks! You'll ALWAYS meet someone nice most places you go! Click To Tweet

            Natasha Goodman

            Natasha Goodman

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Spain

            What are your travel goals for 2017? 3 international trips

            What do you do?I am a Family Therapist/Case Manager full-time and a Mary Kay beauty consultant part-time






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            Pack Light and Hang Out With The Locals! Click To Tweet

            Brandon Howard

            Brandon Howard HowardPowerFitness

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Las Vegas

            What are your travel goals for 2017? More beaches and an overseas trip!

            What do you do?Personal Trainer and Health Educator







            Click to Tweet Brandon’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            Planning in advance will save you a bunch of money and help you have a better time! Click To Tweet

            Sergio J.

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? Maui, HI

            What are your travel goals for 2017? Asia

            What do you do?Self Employed Investor. You can also catch Sergio on BET’s new hit series The Quad on Wednesdays.



            Click to Tweet Sergio’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            If you want to get closer to God, bask in nature and see how amazing he is! Click To Tweet

            Linda Matama

            What was your favorite trip of 2016? South Africa a place called Mpumalanga.

            What are your travel goals for 2017? China, India but mostly Canada.




            Click to Tweet Linda’s 2016 Travel Lesson If You Agree!

            If you travel with someone, you better be in sync and aligned. Travel partner choice can make or break a trip! Click To Tweet


            Be sure to connect and follow all of these travelers. What do you like most about Work Hard Travel Well? What do you want to see more of from the site in 2017? Comment below. Know a traveler that should be highlighted? Fill out this form to be featured in the next series.

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            A look back at #WorkHardTravelWell in 2016 and a look forward at travelers you need to know and what you can expect from workhardtravelwell.com

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            Kim H.

            Kim H. is the creator and chief editor for Work Hard Travel Well. Born and raised in College Park, Ga. She is a true "FILA" :) and UGA Alumna. Go Dawgs!