The History of Atlanta

As an Atlanta native, I love everything about this city. Let’s explore the history of Atlanta. Atlanta, capital of Georgia is the vanguard of new south with the elegance and charm of old. It is such a beautiful city with the strong historical background which balances the southern customs with modernism. Census 2015 gives data that more than 5.7 million residents were found in the population Metro Atlanta’s last year and more than 1 million people living in Fulton county. Some prominent and sprinkling specialties of Atlanta, for which it is well known, is the presence of bountiful peach trees, sweet tea and multiple skylines. Musical heritage, sports, hospitality in Southern area and the world’s busiest international airport. Georgia is known as the peach state for large production of peaches, but it is also in the top producers of, Peanuts, Pecans and onions.

Atlanta started taking its substantive shape in 1834. In 1837, the city rose from the ashes of civil American war, which it was founded at the junction of two railroad lines.. In 1837, Atlanta was known as Terminus, a town that served as the end of Georgia Railroad line Atlanta was called as Marthasville, but in 1845, J. Edgar Thomson (The chief Engineer of Georgia Railroad) suggested a name “Atlanta Pacifica” Which was quickly shortened to “Atlanta” which transformed into the city in 1847. In 1868, Atlanta became the Capital of Georgia due to rail transportation system. After the Civil Rights moment, the city gained reputation as “too busy to hate” with a good combination of such leaders and devotees who had huge potential to work for the development of city, soon it emerged and attained the international prominence and became the heart of primary transportation in that area

Atlanta has valued history and many historical places to attract the visitors. The beauty and conspiracy of these historical places and landmarks give an image of the city’s past accompanied by blooming urban setting.  Key Historical places include:

  • The King Center (birthplace of Martin Luther King)
  • Atlanta history center is located in Buckhead, was made in 1926 is an important feature of Atlanta History Museum (one of the largest museum in Southeast area)
  • Kenan Research Center
  • Two historic houses(Swan house and Smith Family Farm);
  • The Centennial Olympic Park

Other places to check out on your visit to Atlanta are the historic Fox Theatre, shopping districts, restaurants, parks, antebellum homes and museums all give a sense of unforgettable experience. You can also explore the Georgia aquarium, Inside CNN studio and Zoo Atlanta.

The capital of hip-hop, Atlanta has blooming music history. From 1920s, Atlanta was the biggest center for country music. Indie-rock, live music Scene, blues, country and classic are their musical event parts. It is also a center of the gospel music scene (Particularly black gospel and southern gospel). As of lately Atlanta has been dubbed the Hollywood of The South with movie production studios going up everywhere. Atlanta is full of history, indulge with music and many other specialties, it is much fascination to for tourism. It attracts the visitors all over the world, especially because of its valued history.

Atlanta and Church’s Chicken

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Kim H.

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