Misconceptions About Travel Bloggers

Travel blogging has afforded me a lot of learning opportunities. I have gone from just blogging to share my travel experiences to monetizing the blog and social media. I’ve learned a lot about the technology and coding that goes into a website or blog and attended a lot of training and conferences over my few years of travel blogging. Depending on the position, I am often torn between sharing my blog and content experience with potential employers. Some are ecstatic about it, while some think it can be a distraction. Recently in an interview, I was questioned, “Do you have content experience outside of your blog?” While it was a valid question, I was just told by the same person that they don’t use much of social media and they just learned that they should change the preview line of the emails they send out to customers. It was kind of baffling at some of the things they did not know but seemed to disregard my personal and small startup experience and the ability to transform it into a business or consumer experience.

I think people have a misconception about bloggers. Some may think we just want free things or some may think it’s easy to write and post on social media. Well if no one has told you, it’s not easy! There are a lot of things that go into making a successful blog and that constantly changes. What worked last year may not even work this year or the next. Here are a few misconceptions about travel bloggers I have noticed along the way.


1. Travel Bloggers are travel agents or Multilevel Marketing members.

While some of us may be, it is usually noted if a person is a travel agent or a part a paycation group. Sometimes it is hard to tell but a blogger shouldn’t be asking you to pay to go a trip or join a group unless it’s specifically stated. Also as a blogger, we have to adhere to FTC rules and state links we may get a commission on from viewers clicking. I’ve seen people assume that #WorkHardTravelWell on social media is a travel club. Sometimes when I receive questions about a destination and I direct a person to a post on the website, they would prefer I tell them or are hesitant to read as if I’m trying to sell a time share or something on the website.

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2. Travel Blogging Is Easy

From the outside, it looks like I am always on the go and it’s easy to post photos from my trip and write a blog post. People may think, how hard is it to take photos and travel and eat? What people don’t see is the research that goes into a location, developing a good quality post that has the correct formatting to appear in search results. The notes you take while on a trip and the many social media channels you have to share to while on the trip and after the trip to stay relevant. Creating and optimizing images for each social media channel. We are influencers, content creators, videographers, marketers, magicians. Ok maybe not magicians, but it feels like it 🙂

3. Travel Bloggers love being “paid” with exposure and free things.

While both are great when you’re first starting out with a travel blog. It’s very hard to sell me on developing content for exposure. Time is money and I can’t pay my bills with exposure, at least not directly, maybe indirectly down the line. When I create an article it can take hours as of lately I tend to write 900 words or more, edit or acquire photos, share to all social media and sometimes create and edit a video to go along with the blog post. Once I realized what it really takes to develop a successful blog, the request from companies to write for free or exposure seem foreign to me.



4. Travel Bloggers Should Know Every Flight Deal.

While I do share flight deals and travel hacks and deals, I can’t share or know all of them. Some people assume I know every deal or others ask me to send them personal deals. I love that people rely on me but I won’t always know everything about travel.

5. Travel Bloggers Travel For Free

This goes back to my point above about blogging for free or exposure.  Nothing is free. If invited on a trip for the purposes of sharing on your blog, you may still spend money on getting to the destination or food while there. Most importantly you are spending time developing content. You are not on vacation because you have to make sure you capture the right photos, video or notes about a tour. The ultimate goal unless you just want to share your travels with the world is to turn your blog into an entrepreneurial vehicle.

6. Travel Bloggers Are Disposable

Rest and relaxation are good for everyone. However, when you have an online presence, going dormant on social media can affect you adversely. In a world of instant gratification, God forbid you to take a few days off from posting. I notice if I don’t post for a few days on Instagram people don’t like that, also you are often forgotten about. Unfortunately, nothing can be automated when it comes to posting on Instagram and Facebook as you can be penalized for using tools that post for you while you’re taking a break. I receive numerous inquiries about travel tips, destination information or information about certain travel credit cards. When I hang up the phone or after the text, I feel used. Sometimes the people asking for help won’t even support you. The same people who call me about the perks of a certain credit card or using Airbnb won’t even use the referral link I send them.  Sometimes it can feel like a take take take relationship. A little support can go a long way.


7. Travel Bloggers Are Travel Snobs

I’ve noticed there tends to be a divide on social media when it comes to travel. You have those who tell you that you should spend your money on travel instead of lattes or cable. Some say they wouldn’t date a person who doesn’t have a passport. SN: A person can purchase a passport and even get it rushed if need be. This mindset can turn people who want to travel, away. I feel like if you want to spend money on lattes and travel why not? You could be missing out on a good person if you write them off for not having a passport. Click To Tweet

I came across this meme and the figures look good and might entice some to travel but I looked at it and rolled my eyes. 1) I’m not paying $300 for bottle service at the club, let alone go to the club. 2) What are Robins’ jeans 3) Flights from the U.S. to Jamaica shouldn’t cost $650.

Instead of telling people to not follow trends or deprive themselves of things, I talk about ways you can travel and tips to help. There is an entire section of this website dedicated to travel hacks and travel discounts! If you’re missing out, make sure you subscribe below for updates!  It’s not easy to take a blanket statement and tell people to travel instead of doing certain things because everyone is at different stages in their lives, not everyone travels the same or has the same budget. Sometimes travel bloggers may seem like travel snobs to those who only see the photos on their timeline but when you actually sit down and read their website, you will see there is much more beyond the photo. You can’t be a successful travel blogger with content full of humble brags.

I wrote this post to dispell some misconception about travel bloggers. It will help give an insight to those thinking about travel blogging. I’m not complaining about travel blogging but I wanted to share my experience. I think travel bloggers and creatives don’t get the credit they deserve.

What some misconceptions you’ve noticed about travel blogging or travel? Comment below!

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A look at some assumptions and misconceptions made about travel blogging

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A look at some assumptions and misconceptions made about travel blogging.

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