About Work Hard Travel Well

Created in 2014; Work Hard Travel Well is a travel media and travel gear retailer site designed to inspire people to see the world while climbing the corporate ladder, creating a side hustle or building a business.

Work Hard Travel Well includes a variety of money-saving travel tips, travel videos, blog posts, social media trends and unique photos. #WorkHardTravelWell is used on social media by thousands of users across the Globe. It includes those who work hard to create their own businesses or personal achievements. Work Hard Travel Well seeks to not only save travelers time but to motivate all who work hard to pack a bag and travel well without breaking the bank.

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About the Founder

Eye Sun Photography

Kim is the Founder and Chief Content Strategist for Work Hard Travel Well. She is from and based in Atlanta, Ga and a graduate of the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a Bachelors in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. Her background and a passion for travel led to the creation of Work Hard Travel Well. Interested in partnering with Kim? Find out how to partner.

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