10 Benefits of Traveling Alone

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I love my friends and family but so far my solo trips have been the most memorable. I got to a point where I became tired of waiting on schedules to align so I gradually worked in solo travel throughout the years. It started with traveling alone for work throughout the Southeast US. For personal trips I started with randomly driving to DC one weekend, the next was a visit to San Francisco and then I traveled to Turks and Caicos and Dubai solo. Here are some great benefits of traveling alone:

1. You can do whatever you want!


When you travel alone, there are no worries of accommodating anyone on the trip. Wake up whenever. On group trips, the only fair thing to do is make sure everyone wants to do certain activities or make sure everyone is satisfied with the restaurant choice. With solo travel that is no issue.

2. There isn’t a set schedule.

Usually, I get stuck with researching tours and things to do for the trip (read as my friends don’t plan and I’ve spoiled them). When you travel alone, you can plan a few things or wing it. When I stopped over in Dubai, I planned nothing. Unfortunately the internet in the hotel cost, so I just booked a city tour from the concierge and was dropped off at the Dubai Mall. I had the best time despite it. Watch how to plan a solo trip!

3. You don’t have to worry about sharing food.


Ok this one is maybe me being greedy. However during, a solo trip you can unleash the inner foodie and order whatever you want without worrying about sharing.

4. You learn more about yourself when traveling alone through the ultimate “Adulting”

On solo trips there is no one to help you, you have to figure out how to get around on your own. I felt like a bad a** after successfully driving around or learning the transit system of a new city and making it home in one piece. :). I opted to rent a car in Turks and Caicos. That was my first time driving on the left side and it took some getting used to and I got lost several times. By the end of the trip, of course, I knew my way around the island and felt accomplished. I was so nervous on my first solo international trip but afterward, I felt like a big girl.


5. Solo Travel is a Confidence Booster

You will meet a lot of people while solo. Traveling solo is already a risk but you will take more exciting risks during your trip, getting out of your comfort zone is a confidence booster. I found myself going up to people and starting a conversation.  By the end of one solo trip, I met up with new friends to watch a fight at a local pub.  I’m somewhat of an introvert so that was out of my comfort zone.

6. Solo Travel =Better Stories


I am sure that one time you got lost in Vegas is exciting (oops maybe that was me). Somehow solo trip stories make for the best. I can’t wait to tell my kids about the one time I biked, for the first time since a kid, across the Golden Gate bridge, with no way to call anyone as my phone died mid-ride, and I might have been slightly unprepared for the 8+mile bike ride, but I would do it AGAIN.

7. Traveling Alone provides much-needed R&R

8. You cover more ground during solo travel

Instead of waiting for people to travel with. You can visit more destinations because you know your schedule and your flexibility.


9. You meet some great people!

I’ve met some fun people while traveling alone. Of course with caution.  You don’t want to advertise you’re alone. However you may meet other solo travelers. Some of the local guides are great resources to planning the rest of your trip or pointing you in the direction to meet people.


10. You will want to travel alone again


I have yet to meet someone that hated traveling alone. The adrenaline from completing a successful solo trip will have you wanting more.



My first international solo trip was to Turks and Caicos, Providenciales is very tranquil, and not much to do. I enjoyed just laying on the beach all day reading, listening to music, and taking mid-day naps! 🙂 Self-care is important and it’s okay to get away and spoil yourself and re-calibrate/refocus on upcoming goals and tasks.

The only downside to traveling alone is the hotel may be more expensive if solo but there are always other alternatives. Also, there is no one to take your pics 🙁 However, when people see me struggling to take a selfie some will offer their services.

As a woman, there were precautions I took to make sure my safety was not compromised. For the most part, I didn’t give out a lot of info to locals about the details of my trip or that I was solo. I did, however, update friends and family with where I was staying, etc. I think that everyone can benefit from a solo trip and if it’s hard to get away from obligations maybe something as simple as a solo staycation can suffice. Are there any other benefits to traveling alone?

What’s stopping you from traveling solo? If you have, what was your favorite part of the solo trip? Comment below!

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Benefits of traveling alone



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10 Benefits of Traveling Alone

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