Birthday Reflections: 30s are Better Than 20s

The 30s are the new 20s people say. In my 20s, I heard a lot of the 30+Twitter say the 30s were better than 20s. I couldn’t comprehend because in my 20s I had seen a lot and was very mature for my age. Now on my 33rd birthday, I see what they meant as I look back at my 20s I shake my head sometimes. I’ve learned a lot and appreciate my 30s a lot more. Here are a few things I’ve learned and appreciate about my age as I reflect on my 33rd birthday!

30s are better than 20s

It’s ok to say no

In my 30s, I say no a lot more and I don’t care one bit. People would invite me to a lot of events and come to events back in Atlanta and I would make the trip. It got to a point that those same people I would always say yes to were nowhere to be found when I dealt with certain trying times. Also, some people showed their true colors when I said no at times. Now when I’m invited somewhere I don’t want to go or will be tired, I just say no and I don’t owe a reason why.

Say yes to me

As I get older I’ve appreciated time alone. I don’t mind going to the movies or out to eat alone. I’ve even traveled the world alone and have learned so many things by traveling solo.

Spend more time with family, be present when there

Unfortunately, I can pinpoint moments where I chose to do something else and that was the last time I saw certain family members. Granted I spend a lot of time compared to some people my age but I can specifically remember situations. Once I rushed to look for an apt and left a Sunday dinner early. Some relatives were visiting and that was the last time I saw my Uncle. I remember rushing to get ready for a date and my Grandma asking if I wanted to come in and speak to a disabled relative she was sitting with and watching and I declined and stated I was going to be late. Before my trip to Italy, I learned that my oldest family member and birthday twin was ill in the Hospital. Flights were expensive and it was a 6-hour drive, for whatever reason I decided against renting the car and was also under the impression that he was getting better. Unfortunately, he passed while I as in Italy. Although I spent more time than a lot of people my age spend with older family members, the regret of not visiting weighs on me.

The players change but the game remains the same

The dating game is quite interesting but in my 30s I began to sniff out bs earlier instead of wasting time. I cut contact with people who might be inclined to send a hey stranger text to see if I’m still available. Might be extreme but my thinking was to cut ties with men I thought to be full of it so I can attract better quality prospects.

Stretching the dollar

After taking some time from corporate America, I learned how to make the dollar stretch. I realized that I have too many clothes and shoes. Now I only buy things when necessary not just to satisfy a want. I’ve learned ways to save money and do things myself. I have an entire section on travel hacks and how to save money on travel.

Health is wealth

I’ve posted many times about my ups and downs with eating healthy and losing weight. In my 30’s I’ve paid more attention to certain things like sugar, salt, dairy, and caffeine. I wish I paid more attention in my twenties. I enjoy challenging myself with fitness, rather it be spin class or training for my first 10K in July!

Amicalola Falls
Amicalola Falls

Thankful for real friends

As I grew older, I’m not as close as I once was to a lot of people and that’s ok. I am very happy with my set of friends which includes people I’ve known for years, traveled with and seen ups and downs. I am confident that if something happened and I called they will be there and vice versa. In my 30s I started to use the term friend lightly and associate, classmate or colleague more appropriately.

These are just a few experiences I’ve learned in my 30s. As I reflect on my birthday, I now understand why people say that 30s are better than your 20’s. What do you think? Comment below!

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30s are better than 20s

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