How To Create A Blog and Maintain It turns 3!

It has been interesting to see my love for writing progress from writing books as a child, to poetry and the newspaper staff in high school, to blog-spot and Facebook notes in College to Travel Blogging and Work Hard Travel Well! When I really focused and became a serious blogger and social media content curator, I learned a lot. I made a few mistakes but continue to tap into unlimited potential and opportunities.

Here is what I’ve learned in the first 2 years of solely managing  and content for over thousands of followers and several social media channels. The lessons learned will help you create a blog. Plus keep reading for a free checklist and guide to creating a blog.


1) Think Long Term

It’s exciting to start and have the creative juices flowing but it’s equally important to think long term. Really research the platforms and branding you want to use so that you don’t lose audience in multiple transitions.

I started on Wix because initially WordPress confused me and I didn’t think I had enough time to deal with it. Fast forward a year and a half later after complaints of loading time and other things I noticed, I made the switch to Hosted WordPress on Godaddy. In the process, my links changed and I lost back links to my website. Not to mention I spent a few days transitioning. Just imagined if I thought long term to begin with!

$1*/ mo WordPress hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

2) Content is Key!

I venture to say content is more important than social media follower counts. When I first started out I was primarily focused on social media and increasing followers. While that is important it is only a fraction of what draws audience to your blog and content. Make it fun by trying different formats such as blog posts, video and info graphics and test what works for your audience. Quality over quantity.

3) SEO Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Search engine optimization, which means wording and adding media that positions your content in the top results. Ignoring this up front can cause long revision work. I am now going back through all posts to ensure the appropriate keywords, meta data, and images are tagged to optimize my content.

4)Write For Your Readers

When I first started I would recount my trips with reviews on places I stayed or ate. After reviewing stats of my posts and gauging what’s trending. I changed my posts to understand what’s in for my readers.  Basic understanding of your target market will be helpful. Understand the trends, hashtags and optimal times to post. .


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5) Don’t Forget Self Care

Along with balance don’t forget to exercise self care. Take a break sometimes so that you don’t become exhausted. It’s okay to schedule content and social media posts and log out for a few days. Ask for help from trusted friends to do social media takeovers or guest posts.


It’s not only what you know but also who you know. Find people who create content in the field you are interested in. Connect with like minded individuals on social media. Find conferences and meetups that are related. I learned so much when I attended Travel Massive and TBEX which is a conference for travel bloggers.

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