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They say laughter is good for the soul and I try to find humor in every day.  It makes the day go by easier and life’s too short to be serious 24/7. Sometimes I feel like a comedian but for now, I’ll stay in my created comedic traveler bubble. 🙂 Here are a few funny travel memes that I’ve created over the years on social media that sparked conversation and a few laughs, starting with the earliest ones.


This one was sparked after seeing several people talk about fly outs and sponsored Dubai trips. I also was still frustrated from traveling with someone I thought I knew (not a bae) but I didn’t know at all and in the end cost me a ton of money and a friendship. When I created the travel bae application, now available in digital format, I always knew I wanted my future partner to love travel so here’s an easy way to vet them. I reposted this at a later date and asked the WHTW Squad what questions they would add. In general, most people agreed they want someone to travel with and needed this “application” to hand out to prospects.



In my early travel blogging days, my friends would give me crazy looks or roll their eyes (you know who you are) when I would take extra time to capture a shot or walk off and start narrating. Before we unpack I have to capture the room and take notes. Some friends were afraid I wasn’t enjoying the moment. As time progressed they got used to it and realize they benefit from my effort to produce great content.

Check out this article on the misconceptions of travel bloggers.


Yes, Kirk Franklin broke the internet, well at least social media when he danced during a concert. The song he danced to was a mix of his “Melodies From Heaven” and “Crush On You” by rapper Lil’ Kim. I’m usually not a fan of mixing hip hop and gospel music together. However, this dance fits perfectly with how I feel when I’m about to go on vacation.


In 2016, Arthur returned to our screens, not for the reason you think. Someone started “meme-ing” faces and gestures from the childhood show. It was only appropriate that I adapt Arthur’s fist to travel. The caption was not far fetched as I constantly receive invites to travel but during this time I was ready to save money and take a small break. A lot of people can identify with the struggle of wanting buy every flight deal vs being responsible.


The dreaded use of “You too” when it’s not necessary but a natural reaction to people who tell you to enjoy something. I’ve received a few chuckles from gate agents when I tell them to enjoy the flight. I immediately walk fast down the jetway and pretend it didn’t happen.


If I had a dollar for everytime someone said they were interested in the trip and then dragged their feet but pretend to be mad when they see me posting from a trip we discussed, I’d be rich! We’re all adults and I’m not chasing anyone around to travel with me (chase a check).  I’m not afraid of solo travel. Check out “7 Reasons To Travel Solo!”


The misconception about travel is that you have to make a lot of money to be able to travel. I receive far more questions about where I work versus how I travel.👎👎 Check out the link in the bio to to find out how I was able to book over 15 flights on points last year. How I fast track to high hotel statuses. How I’ve been able to travel so much and not accumulate debt and pay off student loan. How an airline financed my trip to Dubai. 😁 How I visited Cuba for under $300 for everything. How I use social media to pay for trips. Hint. It’s not all credit cards or having a lot of money. I use various discounts and points for every aspect of the trip. Down to even getting in to airport lounges at a discount. Tag someone that needs to see this. Let me know your thoughts. #WorkHardTravelWell #igtravel #travelblogger #traveltuesday#traveltiptuesday #alternativefacts #alternate #travel #traveltips #dubai #asia #thailand #iceland #cuba #finesse #travelplug #plug #fakenews #atlanta #charlotte #eyesunphotography #hacks #vacation #blackswhoblog

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We all know where the term “Alternative facts” comes from.  I honestly think people think you have to be rich to travel well but that is a big misconception. Here is a link to all the travel discounts I use to travel without breaking the bank.


I will never forget this moment. 2 years later after my trip to Iceland. I still feel cheated!  The Sponge Bob/Mr. Krabs confused “effect” on a photo describes how I felt while in Iceland. Posting this photo sparked engagement from others who missed the Northern Lights and created awareness that there are certain times in the year that you can see Northern Lights in Iceland. I made the mistake of hopping on a travel deal without knowing this.


Me on #taxday plus a Michael Jordan crying face. What refund? #travel #WorkHardTravelWell

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Every time I saw articles about how to spend a tax refund on travel, I did a huge eye roll. Maybe I could do a road trip with a refund. Typically if I receive a refund it goes to bills. If I had a few dependents maybe we could talk about how to travel on a refund. Since I don’t, listen to this wailing meme to understand my pain.




A few weeks ago Al Sharpton videos hit the timelines. I didn’t know he had lost so much weight. I guess if you got it, flaunt it? Well, the only way I could see myself working out against a desk while in business attire is if I have an upcoming trip.


These are a few of the memes I’ve created over the years. When I see something trending, I try to find ways to tie it into travel without offending people. That’s the fun part. Which meme is your favorite? Comment below!

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Funny travel memes from Work Hard Travel Well to help add humor to your day!

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