Icelandair Review

These are a few things that l learned while flying Icelandair Economy for the first time. Also I learned a few things about Iceland’s main airport:

  1. You should sign up for the frequent flyer program to earn Saga points with your flight.

  2. You can book transportation through Icelandair for additional points.

  3. If you book a bus as transportation from the airport to the hotel, the transportation leaves about 45 minutes after the plane lands. Keep this in mind as you change out your money and or shop at the Duty-Free store (has a lot of good deals). Don’t miss your bus as we did 🙁 . Not a lot of planes fly into Keflavik so the next bus did not leave for hours. The total route is about 45 minutes to the city each way. Keep this in mind as you book your return bus. The bus takes you to the city and from there you hop on a second bus to your destination or hotel. You can negotiate a taxi if you miss the bus as we did.

  4. You will get one free non-alcoholic beverage in flight.

  5. They don’t feed you on a 6 hr flight. >:( You can purchase food and alcoholic beverages or buy with your saga points but guess what?……

  6. You don’t receive your Saga card until you complete your first trip. It is mailed to you. If you lose it, there is a fee for re-issuance. *Update, I don’t know where my card is and I ended up converting my points to Delta since they expired the same year. I found the status of points by logging into my account.*

  7. If flying to other European destinations you can strategically include a stopover in your outbound or inbound and tour Iceland for the day.

  8. If you missed the northern lights, some of the flights have pseudo northern lights on board. :p

  9. You can check 1 Free bag.

  10. Wi-fi is free for Saga Class and Saga Gold members up to 2 devices.

  11. Seats were roomy and a blanket and small pillow are provided.

  12. In-flight entertainment and USB ports are available. Check out SeatGuru to confirm.

Now that I know what to expect, I would fly Icelandair again. The service was not the best but for the price and 6 hr flight it is tolerable. The one thing I did not like is that my friend had a whole row to herself and they kept waking her up to say they would move someone in the row but never did. I believe Icelandair tweeted me asking how I enjoyed the flight because I checked in on Four Square and when I replied they asked that I email. I did and it took over a month to respond with the wrong information. Check out what to do in Iceland, here.

Have you flown on Icelandair? Comment your experience below!

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