How To Earn Miles and Points for Dining Out

I receive a lot of emails and mailed options to help increase my points within my various travel programs. I received one from Delta and their dining program in which I could earn miles when I eat out at participating restaurants. I signed up for the program but did not pay attention to the sign-up offer and missed out on thousands of miles. A friend alerted me the similar program with Southwest Airlines I wanted to be sure I signed up when I could complete the action required for a sign-up bonus. It usually requires you to spend a certain amount in 30 days.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Dining currently has a sign up new sign up offer of earning 1,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points right out of the gate when you join and complete the following within 30 days of signing up:

  • Register your card
  • Search for participating restaurants and pay attention to which days the restaurant offers points
  • Once at the restaurant make sure you pay with your registered credit or debit card.
  • Earn 500 bonus points by spending $25 or more on your first participating restaurant visit.
  • Earn 250 bonus points by spending $25 or more on your second participating restaurant visit.
  • Earn 250 bonus points by spending $25 or more on your third participating restaurant visit.
  • Complete an online review is required within 30 days of each restaurant visit to earn bonus points.


Don’t sign up until you are ready to complete the offer or else you will miss out! Be strategic about it!

Notice the option to use your debit card. When I mentioned this program to a friend, they responded with the fact that they don’t have an airline credit card. That’s not necessary. A lot of misconceptions are that people think you have to have an airline credit card to gain extra points other than flying. You can gain through partnerships with hotels, rental cars, shopping and dining to name a few. For example, I gained 900+points with my stays in Hilton.

Anyway back to dining. I signed up for the program and looked for restaurants in the portal. I paid attention to the days that points can be earned and the price points. I settled on Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café (yummy Jamaican food). I was able to get a large meal and cocktail for $30 during lunch. If more than one person you should google for groupons/living social to help if you are only wanting to spend the requirement. After I the meal, I received a reminder email to do the review (don’t count on this) and in two weeks I received 750+ points. In addition, I will receive 3 points for every dollar spent at a qualifying restaurant.


Check out the list of other dining programs with American AirlinesDelta airlines as well as Hilton. Google dining rewards sign up bonus+company before signing up.  Be sure to only sign up when you can complete parameters around the sign-up offer. Also, you can’t double dip, so if you are registered with Delta and Southwest dining, for example, eating at a qualified restaurant won’t give you points in each account. You can, however, register different cards for each program. Even though I missed the Delta sign up offer, I was able to register with Southwest and get the sign-up offer by using a different card for Southwest. I’m eyeing the Hilton program next. I wish I knew about this offer when I used to eat out a lot for client lunches/dinners. If you have client lunches/dinners or a per diem per day for food you could rack up 😀 Eat responsibly! LOL

Check out the additional post on Southwest Rapid Rewards and how I earned 55,000 points in 1 month!

Why do you think more people don’t take advantage of this offer that takes 5 mins to sign up for?

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A quick and easy way to earn miles/points without a credit card to pay for your next trip!

A quick and easy way to earn miles/points without a credit card to pay for your next trip!


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