4 Tips For Moving Abroad

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It stands to reason that moving abroad is just as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. With each day inching closer to your move-in date, you can’t help but wonder about all the experiences you’ll have, the challenges you’ll overcome, and the fond memories you’ll walk away with.

Still, seasoned or first-time mover, as much as you imagine these new adventures you’re soon to take part in, you find yourself unsure of what to pack—your entire wardrobe? Half of it? None of it?

And then there’s the passport, notifying your home country of the move — the list goes on… The truth is, the move doesn’t have to be stressful; read on to learn the ultimate essentials you need to bring so that you can enjoy your new overseas home.

  1. Factor in the Weather When You Pack

Research the weather condition and pack accordingly. This step is important, as contrary to popular belief, some European countries—like Spain and parts of France—get very hot in the summer.

The same goes for South American countries, which gets a reputation for being a consistently hot continent despite countries like Chile being great snowboarding and skiing destinations come winter time.

So, word to the wise, research, research, research the climate before you board that plane. (Yes, this may mean you will have to have a new wardrobe!)

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  1. Visit and Research the Area

The UK Government recommends that you do your homework before making any moving decisions. Research the local laws and customs, as well as see who you need to notify about your move if you decide to for forward with that.

Also, visit the area you are interested in moving to; stay for several weeks so you have an idea of how daily life would be like. Meet your potential neighbors and check out the local restaurants, market, and entertainment, not to mention the hospital and the embassy.

  1. Take Language Classes

If you are unfamiliar with the country’s official language, according to the UK Government, take language classes so you at least know the basics before moving in. Some phrases you should know:

  • “Can you help me find…”
  • “I’m trying to find…”
  • “Where’s the hospital?”
  • “Hi, my name is…”
  • “What’s your name?”

Especially if you are planning to stay for several years, it is wise to learn the main language. That way, you aren’t forever an outsider and the assimilation process can go smoother.

  1. Remember Your Passport

If you are traveling internationally, it’s important to pack (and take two photocopies of) your passport.

Should you happen to misplace it, having a photocopy on hand saves you the added stress and unnecessary hassle.

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Besides these tips, make sure you buy insurance before enrolling in the local healthcare system, get any needed vaccinations beforehand, and notify government officials about the move.

Overall, throw yourself into the moving experience—packing included. Doing so will enrich your stay and satisfy your wanderlust soul. Happy moving!

What other moving tips would you offer to first-time and seasoned movers? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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