How To Use Orbucks | Orbitz Rewards tips for a cheap hotel room

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I always seek to find a good travel deal. One Summer, I took a last-minute trip to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon by car. I booked the flight the morning of, and because of the late arrival, I needed to reserve a room in a Vegas hotel to drive to Arizona the next morning. Here is how I was able to use Orbitz Orbucks savings to bring down the cost of my last-minute hotel room.

Is Orbitz legit?

Yes, Orbitz is a legitimate online travel agency that has been operating for over two decades. It’s a subsidiary of Expedia Group, one of the largest travel companies globally. Orbitz offers a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and activities, and it’s a trusted platform used by millions of travelers worldwide.

What are Orbitz Orbucks?

Orbucks are the “currency” of Orbitz Rewards, the loyalty program from Orbitz where you can earn Orbucks in various ways to redeem on hotel rooms. To earn Orbucks, you must sign up for the Orbitz rewards program. Sign up here; it’s free!

How Can You Earn Orbucks?

Once you’ve signed up for the Orbitz Rewards program, you can earn Orbucks in a few ways:

  • Flights, you can earn 1% on flight purchases (2% if you use the Orbitz app)
  • Hotels, you can earn 3% on hotel purchases (4% if you use the Orbitz app)
  • Packages, you can earn 1% on package purchases (2% if you use the Orbitz app)
  • Activities, you can earn 3% on an activities purchase (4% if you use the Orbitz app)

How to earn Orbucks

Here’s a breakdown of how I earned Orbucks

  • I earned points from an Orbitz package booked almost two years before, and hotel stays from the prior years.
  • I participated in Twitter contests where I earned 25.00 Orbucks for submitting my travel photos.
  • I earned 11.64 Orbucks for dining at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday dinner. Ten of the points were due to a sign-up bonus. I looked up the qualified restaurants ahead of time and was ecstatic that the chosen restaurant was on the list. Please note if you are in other dining programs, you must use a different card than others to earn the points. Read more about earning points for things you do every day!
How to use Orbucks how to get orbucks

In addition to Orbitz, check out the other ways you score for travel giveaways on social media. My flight for the trip was $11.20 round trip for the redemption of Southwest points. Check out more Travel Well Hacks. 

How to use Orbucks

Using Orbucks is fairly straightforward. When you make a qualifying booking through Orbitz, you earn Orbucks, which are essentially rewards points. You can then apply these Orbucks towards future bookings on Orbitz. During the booking process, you’ll typically have the option to apply your Orbucks balance as a form of payment, reducing the total cost of your purchase. Just make sure to log in to your Orbitz account when making bookings to ensure you earn and can use your Orbucks effectively. $1 orbuck= $1 off your hotel stay.

While on the plane, I searched every tool, and then I remembered I had 57.00 in Orbucks. I logged in to Orbitz rewards and saw that I had 57.00 in Orbucks. I applied the Orbucks to my room. After using the Orbucks, the room came to $16.49 for one night, and the resort fee was $33.60 for a total of $50.09. Yes, total and not per person! I booked this all during the flight.

How to use Orbucks


The Vegas Hotel-Mandalay Bay

I used the Orbucks to stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. This is the 6th hotel I’ve stayed in Vegas. While it’s not my number-one pick for a hotel in Vegas,  it was just ok. I’ve stayed at better hotels in Las Vegas. Search more Vegas hotels.

Read more about my Vegas reviews of restaurants and hotels.

Mandalay Bay How to use Orbucks

Using Orbucks is a convenient way to save on future travel expenses. By earning points through eligible bookings on Orbitz, you can seamlessly apply these rewards towards your next adventure, whether it’s for flights, hotels, car rentals, or activities. Make sure to keep track of your Orbucks balance and log in to your Orbitz account when making reservations to maximize your savings and enhance your travel experiences.

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How To Use Orbucks | Orbitz Rewards tips for a cheap hotel room

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