Tips for visiting the Sagrada Família and Nativity Towers

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona is the Sagrada Família. Here are a few tips to make your visit successful!

 Purchase tickets early

This goes with a lot of tourist attractions. It is advised weeks in advance and even longer depending on the time of year. You can purchase a guided tour from a local tour operator or you can buy your tickets directly from the church’s website.

 Get there early

In case you want to snap photos and so you don’t miss your entry time. You have _ amount of time as a grace period. The cab may let you off at the Main Street but the entrance to view is located in the back on a closed off to cars street.

Sagrada Familia

Visit during non-peak times 

If you’re not a fan of crowds, try to avoid the 12-3pm crowds from tours. Also, you can visit on Monday, most tourist attractions are closed on Mondays. However, the best time to catch good lighting for photos of the stained glass is 5-6pm. Mass starts at 6 pm.


Get the audioguide

The audioguide was helpful in touring the entire church. It is available in different languages. If you are interested in utilizing a personal tour guide, click here.

Be mindful of where you are

Although this is a tourist attraction be sure to remember it is a place of worship. There is a section in the church where you can sit in the pews. I enjoyed taking a moment to reflect.

Nativity Facade/ Towers

I’ve developed a thing for going to the top of churches. I’ve gone to the top of a church in Reykjavik, Iceland and the Duomo in Florence, Italy. I purchased my ticket in advance. Once inside I had to go to the line for the Nativity Tower as you have to be in line a the time specified on your ticket. It is best to see the tower first then the rest of the church. You will take a lift up to the top but have to take about 400 steps down. This activity is not advised if you have a fear of heights or claustrophobic. Once off the lift, you cross over a bridge which is a short period for a photo opp before the next group enters. After the bridge, you start the journey down a narrow staircase with a few more open ledge areas for photos. For whatever reason, this was not my favorite view or trip up to the top of a church. I ended up hot and dizzy while trying to go down the steps. People stopped to take photos and it was too small of an area to go around. Check out this video to see what I mean!


Sagrada Família+ Nativity Tower Tour in Barcelona
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Published at 2018, December 13
A quick look inside the Sagrada Família, one of the top tourist attractions in Spain. This church i
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Have you visited? What other tips would you provide? Comment below!


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