Quick Ways to Save Money On A Vacation to Orlando

My recent trip to Orlando was fun but I realized one thing, it’s expensive! I finally realized why I see videos of kids reactions to going to Disney World. It really is a treat to go. This trip also made me realize that when and if I have kids, I will have to start a theme park fund in addition to a college fund.

Here are a few quick ways you can find a few savings on an Orlando Theme Park trip!

1. Stay At A Hotel With Breakfast Included! A breakfast buffet is helpful and can save you a ton of money if you eat enough to keep you full.

2. Check out a Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel. These hotels are near to the parks. There are resort fees but includes a free shuttle to the parks.  We ubered to the Hotel for about from Airport for $18 and took the shuttle to the theme parks. The shuttles run a few times a day and you have to reserve them a few hours in advance at your hotel.

3. Bring Your Own Water and Small Snacks. I was shocked that my water wasn’t confiscated upon security check. If I’d known I would have brought more. Here are the allowed items per park.

Universal Studios 

Bottled Water (maximum 2 liters)

Small snacks that do not require heating

Any food required for medical purposes and medically-indicated nutritional supplements

Any food required for special dietary needs

Baby food/baby formula

Soft-sided insulated bags no larger than 8.5″ wide x 6″ high x 6″ deep

Walt Disney World


Food and Snacks that do not require heating. Read more of the park rules here.

4. Bring Necessity Items such as portable charger, poncho (based on weather) and sunscreen. I had an umbrella due to forgetting to bring a poncho. It was better than nothing but a pain to walk around with.  After being at the park all day of taking photos, posting stories, of course, my phone battery died. At Universal, they rent out portable chargers based on half day and daily expensive rates.  I always travel with portable chargers. If you don’t own one, check them out here. Plan for at least 8 hours or more of your phone being off the charger. Don’t bring prohibited items such as a selfie stick monopods.

5. Spread Out Your Time: If you don’t want to be at a theme park all day and can spare the time, buy multi-day tickets, there are additional savings with multi-day and purchasing them online.

6. Time saver: If you’re not opposed to being split up and of age and height, once at Universal you can get through the rides quicker by riding as a single rider. You will be split up but not by much time. I would not recommend this for small kids.

7. Book your hotel early. I booked my hotel about 2 months in advance and saved over $100 per night using the Hilton MVP Gold  Discount. Traveling during non-peak season can also help with rates! If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, check out my tips for using Airbnb plus a code to save!

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Not interested in the Theme Parks? Check out Groupon’s Things To Do in Orlando for more savings.

Have any more to add to this list. Comment below!

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Tips to help you plan a visit to Theme Parks in Orlando!


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