Top 5 Philippine Destinations To Visit

If you’re like, me you like to make the most of a long haul trip. For some trekking out to Southeast Asia can be a day’s journey. If you are visiting Bangkok/Phuket, Thailand, you can easily find reasonably priced accommodations and add a stop in the Philippines. Check out the top 5 Philippine destinations to add to your bucket  list!

First, quick facts about the Philippines!

  •         The country is made up of over 7,000 islands (get ready to island-hop)
  •         The average year-round temperature is 27C, 82F
  •         The currency is the Philippine peso
  •         The capital is Manila, I always remember “Thrilla In Manila” 🙂
  •         The languages spoken are Filipino and English

Known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. It can be hard to narrow down what to see. There is something for everyone! Popular tourist destinations include:


The main attraction in Banaue is the Batad Rice Terraces. The Batad Rice Terraces provide the ultimate hiking adventure. Schedule a trip from Manila to hike the Batad Rice Terraces in Banaue. Think safety and schedule a guide and hike with someone. Also expect to be completely off the grid. However the views and experience is supposed to be worth it!



Ariel’s Point is a breathtaking eco-adventure destination located a short and scenic boat ride away from Boracay Island and has five cliff-diving platforms (ranging in height from 3 meters to 13 meters) and ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and canoeing in a friendly setting.

Philippine Destinations


Palawan Island was voted the no. 1 island in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. Palawan offers amazing views of nature. The top destination in Palawan is El Nido, where kayaking in the Secret Lagoon tends to be the most reviewed and favorite activity.



There is a lot to do in the capital and very busy city (over 12 Million)! It is rich with a lot of historical treasures. Most people like to visit San Agustin Church which is the oldest church in the country. Also Manila Bay is another popular destination that provides great sunset views.


The Mayon Volcano

Located in Legaspi, this active volcano is known for its perfect cone shape. A lot of campers and hikers are attracted to visiting and some just to see the view.  It is encouraged to go just for the view but if you do decide to hike it hire a very experienced guide! The latest activity of the Volcano was recorded in 2014.

The Mayon Volcano

When to Visit

Since the Philippines is made up of several islands, it is unlikely the weather will be the same across the board. However, it is best to avoid the rainy/wet season. Dry season tends to be during November-April. Expect higher temperatures in March and April. Rainy season is May-October. From my experience the rain is not constant, so you can still enjoy some of the trip. Traveling during the rainy season or shoulder season (May and November) has it’s advantages of fewer crowds and lower rates. For the best times to visit a specific island always check each one by using Weather Underground to check historical data and best times to visit.

How to Get There

It is easy to fly into Manila and catch additional flights to Island Hop. Various tours and boat trips are available in between the islands as additional options. Book affordable flights to the Philippines now!

All in all the Philippines is the perfect destination for a Southeast Asia Trek!  If you’ve already visited the Philippines what was your favorite part? If not, what are you looking forward to in your upcoming trip to the Philippines? Comment below!

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