25 Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Traveler

Whether you are an experienced globetrotter or a seasonal traveler, you’ll definitely want to check out these gadgets and accessories to help you create prepare for your next travel adventure!

1. Luggage Tags

Time to make your luggage more personalized. Also, these adorable ID labels contribute to the safety of your luggage. If you find yourself at the airport waiting for your suitcase which is identical to several other suitcases, you just need to focus on that colorful tag!

2. Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet

Forget about the “where is what” traveling stress. Keep all your important stuff in a single, specially designed wallet. Besides being affordable, this little beauty is also convenient both for men and women, and comes in 30 colors!


3. Picasso-Themed Light Eyeglasses Case

Between a glasses pouch that might not save your glasses from damage and a hard case that takes up too much space, this is a perfect option for all types of glasses, as well as swimming goggles. Not to mention it comes with an irresistible artistic touch!

4. Colorful Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

Allow yourself to stay comfy when you travel and make sure you have all the necessary items to provide yourself with some quality sleep. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and sleep in the hotel the entire day!

5. Multi-Layered Toiletry Bag

If there’s one thing that’s always challenging to pack, it’s cosmetics. Toiletry bags make things easier, allowing you to keep your body and face essentials at one place. When you arrive at your temporary home, you can hang the bag wherever you wish.


6. Cool Cat Cotton Tote Bag

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll need a light bag so it doesn’t bother you when you walk or go to the beach. Sometimes stores on the West Coast charge for bags so this is also a great thing to take when shopping for souvenirs. This little thing also allows you to bring your love for the cats everywhere you go!


7. Travel Jewelry Organizer

Pieces of jewelry regularly get lost when we travel. You can save yourself a lot of frustration (and save your favorite earrings or necklace!) with this practical and affordable jewelry case, designed specifically for us, the travel buffs.


8. Portable Luggage Weight Scale

This gadget will make sure you don’t overdo it when you travel, especially when you are about to go home, and you’re not sure if your suitcase is overloaded with all the souvenirs. It’s highly precise and easy to use.  Measuring units: Pounds(lbs), Kilograms(Kg), Ounces(oz), and Jin(semi-kilogram)

9. Waterproof Action Camera

Whether you are hiking in the mountains or diving in the ocean, you can sure record your memories with this little thing. It’s small and convenient, which doesn’t affect the quality of the videos. It is also great for recording activities related to extreme sports.


Want to splurge? Check out the GoPro line for action cameras.

10. Portable Charger

This investment goes beyond your traveling days, as you can use it anywhere, anytime. With two USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time. It’s faster than standard chargers and its capacity is big enough you can charge your phone four times in a day!


11. Bluetooth Headphones

Besides providing you with exceptional sound quality, these headphones guarantee you the maximum comfort for your ears. And, of course, you don’t have to bother with any wires!


12. Travel Hair Dryer

How many times have you arrived into your hotel and learned you will have to borrow as stranger’s hair dryer? Well, make that story a past. You don’t even have to spend much money to get yourself an amazing yet small dryer.


13. Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

Keep yourself hydrated and don’t worry your entire bag will get wet. These practical liquid containers are well-designed and not bigger than your phone.

14. Travel Umbrella

The weather can always surprise us when we are on our vacation. The simplest solution you can implement is to get yourself a small, neutrally-colored umbrella. That way you’ll stay safe from the rain and the umbrella will match any of your fashion combos! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve traveled and an umbrella has come in handy. While I was in Italy someone I traveled with lost their umbrella and had to purchase from the street vendors. They were basically a waste of money as they could not withstand the wind!



15. Angry Cat Self-Stirring Mug

Made of stainless steel and designed with a cat face matching our pre-coffee personalities, this mug is a traveling treasure. It’s particularly convenient when you are staying in a hostel without an available kitchen or somewhere where you won’t find cafes that easily.


16. Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag

The campers know how carrying a large sleeping bag can create lots of frustration. Well, this one is compact, lightweight, and yet perfect. It can also handle extreme weather conditions and it is waterproof.


17. Waterproof Medicine Organizer

With this pills container, you don’t have to carry around all your medicines with you. Additionally, you can get some labels to make sure every pill is in its place.

18. Comfy Slippers

If you are one of those people who has a hard time adjusting to new spaces, a simple trick such as slippers might help you. Home is where the slippers are!

19. Fold-able Toothbrush

The stats say travelers forget to bring their toothbrushes all the time, so they have to buy them upon the arrival to their destination. Now, this toothbrush is simply too cool to forget it.

20. Anti-Mosquito Hat

If you are going to spend lots of time in nature, and don’t like to use anti-insects sprays or creams, this might be your thing. Maybe it’s not perfectly fashionable, but it keeps your skin safe.


21. World Atlas Photo Album

You may want to have the physical copies of your photos and make your memories last. It’s great not only for the photos but also for the postcards or tickets, so get creative!


22. Samsonite Universal Power Adapter

I chose this one because it’s grounded and will allow you to use the next pick for international travel. I have personally used this brand and know it’s reliable.

23. TSA Approved Travel Locks

Travel locks come in handy to lock up your luggage during flight and also if you have a long stopover or need to store your bags in a hotel luggage room while the room is being prepared or you want to explore the city during the day you check out until a late flight. Be sure that they are TSA approved. Also be aware that TSA can still choose to open your suitcase even if you have a lock but at least you can lock up your belongings during the trip.

24. Anti Theft Purse or Pouch

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about if losing an item or being robbed. I’ve often heard of thieving being sneaky in other countries by cutting your bag to get items. Pacsafe has a line of anti-theft bags that help deter theft. These bags are also waterproof and have an RFID pocket. This bag is durable and protected all my electronics and items from the rain and theft. I was able to also pack a water in the pocket, snap an umbrella into it and pack snacks for long tour days!


 25. Tees and accessories from the Work Hard Travel Well Store!

 Last but not least check out travel themed tees and accessories from the Work Hard Travel Store. The tees are a great edition to pack a few and they won’t weigh down your bag. Right now you can get free shipping by using promo code, “Work”

These are a few cool travel accessories and gadgets to make your trip run a little smoother. Read more about trip planning with 13 Things You Should Do Before You Travel! Hope you are feeling prepared! Enjoy your trip, make some new friendships, have fun and seize every moment! What are some cool travel accessories and gadgets that you take on your trip that you feel should be on the list? Comment below!

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25 Cool Travel Accessories to Gift a Traveler.

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