6 Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

Work Hard Travel Well Anniversary Recap

On September 23rd, 2014, Work Hard Travel Well was launched following a trip to Punta Cana. Since then I’ve learned a lot about travel and travel blogging. I traveled a lot prior to the launch of the website but writing about travel has given me a different perspective on travel. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

1. Do not wait for anyone.

If you had a dollar for everytime someone told you to tell you about the next trip or why they are never invited, you would have enough money for a few trips. We are all busy and at my age people have obligations, families and/or not enough vacation time. I learned very early to not wait on people and that I can have just as great of a trip solo.  I started small with a 6-hour road trip and progressed to solo international travel. If I waited on people I would never have anything to write about. The desire to create great content for Work Hard Travel Well pushes me outside of my comfort zone not be afraid to travel solo. Read more on reasons to travel solo!

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2. Be creative!

Often times I thought buying a packaged plan or flying direct from my home airport was the best option. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I considered other options and realized I could save a lot of money by traveling to another U.S city and continuing on another airline to an international location. I call this creativity travel hacks. They have ranged from getting discounted entry into a Delta Skylounge even though my flight was on Emirates.  Check out all of the discounts available to WHTW readers!

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3. Make an adventure out of anything! 

Sometimes funds may be low or you’re out of vacation days. Social media and trends may make us feel like we aren’t “living” or “traveling right” unless you’re collecting passport stamps. I’ve learned to make an adventure out of anything from a staycation at a local hotel to a trip to an overlooked city like Detroit , Milwaukee or Chattanooga. Adventure can be a short drive away. or a long flight abroad.

Detroit Institute of Art


Downtown Milwaukee
Ruby Falls Chattanooga

Travel blogging has me constantly on the lookout for a great story to tell, so I look for adventure and great content in everything. I have also learned to make lemons out of lemonade during travel. When you’re on a trip, anything can happen. I once traveled to Italy during a time that is historically known for good weather. It rained for the majority of the trip. We had one day in Venice and determined to make the best, we rode the gondola in the rain. Yes, even though we’ve been on the Gondola in the Venetian hotel in Vegas, we didn’t travel all this way to let the rain ruin our trip.

4. Don’t mix money with friends and family

If you are taking a group trip you may want to use a travel agent or some method to collect money as opposed to one person booking the hotel and collecting money. Never mix money and friends and family. I don’t care how well you think you know someone or how long you’ve known someone. In most cases you will end up losing a close friend or straining a relationship with a family member. Eliminate the stress and risk of dealing with collecting the money. The more I’ve traveled and come across a lot of people who ask me to invite them I am hesitant after being burned recently in a major way. I, unfortunately, realized everyone doesn’t have the same financial mindset and may do anything to travel. Read how to travel and not accumulate debt.

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5. Have a good balance

Writing about travel can sometimes turn traveling into mundane tasks. It is important to have a good balance with trips and not just always have your camera out and taking pics and or notes. Be sure to enjoy the moment and have a good balance. Scheduling trips that I don’t cover on the blog or having days during the trip to just relax have helped me with consistency and longevity.

6. Count your blessings

I never take anything for granted. I am thankful for arriving to every destination safe. I always take a moment to express my gratitude to God for the ability to be the opportunity to travel. I never take for granted the ability or desire to travel.

I’ve enjoyed travel blogging as it has taught me a lot about travel. These are things that can be translated to different areas in your life. I’m thankful that WHTW has made it successfully through Year 3. Travel blogging is not as easy as it seems. Read “Misconceptions about travel bloggers.” 

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