Travel Shaming and Other Social Media Debates

Social media can be exhausting at times. Lately, people tend to post things for shock and or to go viral. Every time I see an article about how a certain group should stop doing certain things I won’t click on it. First of all, I’m too old and set in my ways lol. These are a few of the social media debates I see on Twitter or subjects that people write about with an antagonist view in effort to gain clicks, that seem to never end. I’m on the end of the spectrum Just let folks live and do what works for them.



Travel Shaming

Travel shaming comes in many forms, from shaming the destination, to how often you travel, to what you do on the trip to those who can’t or don’t want to travel. I’m not sure where it stems from but for some reason some people value trips with passport stamps over domestic trips. It shouldn’t be due to cost because going from one U.S. coast to the other can cost just as much as a trip overseas. I will sometimes ask for suggestions about things to do in a city. I posted in one group about things to do in Milwaukee, I got a few “lol”s and was told that there was nothing there to do. Surprisingly I enjoyed Milwaukee and explored the city solo.

There are many posts where a person will detail items vs costs of a trip. Amanda Seales was the latest person to try this on twitter by stating:

I guess it depends on the person but if I didn’t have a passport and saw this I wouldn’t rush out to get one. I didn’t have a need for one for a while, so I’m just supposed to have one sitting and it expire and I have to pay again? Some people don’t want to travel out of the country due to everything that’s going on. Even if you can afford to travel, all of your family, friends may not be able to travel due to money and/or schedule and may not want to travel solo.

Destination shaming is another popular thing within Travel. I was approached by one guy at a networking event who asked me about my travel blog and where I’ve been. When I mentioned some of the countries I’d visited he seemed perplexed and asked if I’d been to Africa (sigh it’s a continent). He continued to share why he thinks we should visit and more. I just nodded my head and thankfully someone cut us off. I was a little annoyed that the destinations I mentioned invited him to tell me why I should visit Africa as if I had no plans to. It was if he disregarded my experiences because I haven’t been there first. Yes, it’s on my list, especially South Africa region. It’s not something I want to rush just to say I went because the journey out there takes time and vacation time. I’ll keep you all posted on when I do make it there but in the meantime check out an article from guest writer on 5 Things To Do in Zanzibar! Travel shaming has even got to the point where people complain about seeing group photos and more.


As the first college Graduate in my family, I was just happy to complete 2 Bachelors.  I attended both a HBCU and a PWI. Neither experience was superior to the other. Both provided invaluable experience that I wouldn’t trade. When I transferred to a PWI, all except maybe 6 out of two full years of credits were accepted. At the PWI, I had to apply to not only the University but the Business college and the Journalism school within for my majors that included. I attend both schools’ homecomings. Money was not an issue as I had to rely on scholarships and aid. One school required more work and seeking more scholarships due to it being out of state. I feel that one experience wasn’t superior to the other. We shouldn’t bash folks for not going to one or the other. I’ve been out of school for almost 12 years now (thanks, I don’t look like it right). It’s way past time to move on and anyone in my age range is beating a dead horse. Let’s uplift each other for wanting to obtain a higher education. If anything the most important concern to me is that college is when you graduate if the job market is good and being paid your worth.

Dressing Up To See Black Panther

Leading up to the weekend release of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Black Panther movie, people took to social media to talk about how they would dress to see the movie. No one said anything against the memes of wearing African/Tribal outfits until it actually happened. Social media became divided on if dressing up was too much, how could one get excited for a character they just found out about and somehow cultural appropriation got in there. People tweeted they don’t care where you’re seeing the movie. At this point, I was certain people just complain for RT’s, likes and brief 10 seconds of social media fame. I am not bothered by people getting together and dressing up. Now if your outfit is blocking the screen that’s one thing, but how can I hate on a family coming together and getting excited about the movie.

black panther meme

Just let people do what they want to do. Some people take my or others sharing things online and social media as an invitation to critique but that doesn’t have to be the case. If someone posts a photo of Jordans, why does the debate on paying for experience vs things need to occur? I offer travel advice on this site as an aid not as the Gospel but for tips and to share ways I’ve been able to travel the world inexpensively. I don’t criticize those who don’t follow it nor do I expect you to follow it down to every line. Posting for shock value in order for clicks to a website or going viral is getting tiresome. We deal with it daily from 45 on Twitter. Do you think people are genuinely sharing their personal opinion or doing it for shock value/PR or attention? Are there other debates you wish would go away or aren’t contributing to any solution? Comment below!


A look into the sometimes never-ending debates of Travel Shaming, PWI vs HBCUs and Dressing up for Black Panther.

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A look into the sometimes never-ending debates of Travel Shaming, PWI vs HBCUs and Dressing up for Black Panther.

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