Wix vs WordPress-Using Wix To Build My Website Was A Big Mistake

A year ago I migrated from Wix to Hosted WordPress via Go Daddy. After many frustrations with Wix, I sat down and forced myself to learn how to migrate to WordPress. My knowledge of HTML /CSS helped me along with several videos. The process took a few days and at the time I was stressed about migrating links but once it was done it has been the best decision yet. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about let’s take a step back to what it takes to start a website.

A Domain

After you check for domain availability using namecheckr which allows you to check for social name availability also. You can either purchase a domain ahead of time to lock it in or wait until you purchase a hosting plan.

Hosting Plan

You need a hosting plan for your website, you can either host a site that you code and build the database with GoDaddy or Bluehost or you can purchase a managed hosted WordPress plan. Hosting allows the files for your website to live on hosting companies’ server.  You can host a website/database that you have built with your own coding or programming, host a managed content management system such as WordPress or use a website builder like Wix or SquareSpace to design and host your website.

Content Management System vs Website Builder

In simple terms WordPress (wordpress.org) is a content management database system.

WordPress is a free and an open source for blogging and website developing. It is basically a content management system (CMS) that is PHP and MySQL designed. WordPress is the most popular blog creator and web developer that is used more than 10 million websites for blogs and websites.  Now you may start off and go directly to WordPress.com. This was my first mistake. There is often confusion between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. WordPress.com. The difference is hosting. With wordpress.com the hosting and database management is all taken care of. It is free but you are not able to customize without paying additional costs. You also can’t add plugins which I will discuss their usefulness later on. WordPress.org is the one that most use when you hear of WordPress, you can either download the software and host it yourself or pay a hosting company to manage the WordPress install, updates to the software and database. I would choose the latter.

Wix is cloud web developing podium which allows its users to create HTML5 sites along with the online drag & drop tools. The further uses are e-commerce, contact forms, and marketing on e-mail.

Both have an importance of their own for website builders and bloggers all over the world. In the market for bloggers and website developers, there always have been a sought after the better software or program to make both of the jobs easier. WordPress is the most popular CMS for getting the task done.

I started with Wix because everything else seemed foreign and too much work. I just wanted to get my blog started and was unaware of all of the future opportunities available. However, I wish I would have taken the extra steps to start on the right platform because starting with wix was the worst decision ever. Here are a few reasons why and a comparison.

Wix vs WordPress

  • SpeedWix is Too SLOW. No matter how much I compressed photos or removed videos the load time was just slow. When I reached out to Wix (which support was only available by forums at the time) they would constantly blame my files for being slow or the text etc. I can’t tell you how many times people would say your site isn’t loading. Imagine how many readers I lost? You only have one chance to make a good impression. 🙁 Check out their response to my complaint on load time.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Costs are the major attraction for every blogger and website developer for a program or software.
    wordpress.com and Wix offer a free version but you don’t get to personalize your domain. It will be a subdomain and look like websitename.wordpress.com or websitename.wix.com.  Each platform offers monthly and annual plans.  WordPress is free for use for everyone. According to your budget, you can choose either host on your own servers (unlikely) or pay a company to host and manage updates. A basic hosted WordPress plan can initially cost $3.95 and up monthly. The cost increases if you decide to go premium and need more storage space. Along with these plans (pictured below), you get to have access to many themes and plugins that you need to fulfill the task. The downside is that those plans don’t include any kind of add-ons like the Google favicons, e-commerce etc. In short, I spent more money with Wix for less flexibility. Wix’s plan to host a website with a max of 10GB for your files is $14/per month vs Hosted WordPress with GoDaddy is $4-$8 a month for the same amount of space. However, to set up your first website you are eligible for a $1 a month plan using my referral link and then 7.99 per month for your renewal.                                                                                                                                                 $1*/ mo WordPress hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Wix vs WordPress




Wix vs. WordPRess



  • Design/Layout makes your work more appealing on a public platform. Wix has more 500 pre-made templates to pick from. The big flaw is that you cannot customize again once you have selected a theme. If you want to change a certain color of a layout etc you don’t have access to make minor HTML/CSS changes. You also have to customize how your website looks for a computer and for a mobile device (more work). Whereas with WordPress you can use a plugin like Jetpack to automatically configure your website for mobile devices. You also have access to make HTML/CSS changes. Example if I want my menu to display a certain way or have a certain color show when a user hovers over it, that is HTML/CSS. You also have access to the database and can use a FTP (File transfer) program to easily transfer files to your website. This was important when it came time to migrate. You can’t take your Wix design with you and it was time-consuming to migrate all of the photos over.There are many free and paid theme on WordPress. It is easy to customize the themes.
  • Mobility-As a traveler and someone on the go, it is important to be able to access my website on my cell phone or tablet. As of now, Wix does not have the ability to let you edit website or post blog posts using a cell phone or tablet. I guess they don’t know it’s 2017? The most you can do is download their photo app to add photos to your files for use. There is a WordPress app that you can use to make changes and create/edit blog posts. This comes in handy during my train ride to work.
  • Ease of use is the main benefit that makes every program or software better. Wix is the easiest software to use that introduces the powerful tools to develop your website. WordPress also offers many tools to its users, but does not come with a drag and drop page developer. The switch does take some time to get use to but once your up and running on WordPress it is easy to use compared to Wix. With Wix whenever I made a change I had to pay attention to if items were to close to the edge and if I moved one I had to move all on the page. WordPress takes that guessing part out and the themes adhere to a lot of visual design best practices.
  • Applications and Plugins are the important part of every program or software by which you can add some more features to your work. With Wix there are nearly 200+ apps that you can add to your website. You have to pay when it comes to different versions of applications and plugins. Whereas for WordPress, there are over 38,000 free plugins. You can have premium plugins by paying a specific amount. Plugins are like shortcuts that help give your site certain capabilities that would require sometimes hours of coding and programming without the plugin. The plugin repository has reviews and most come with a support team.


  • E-commerce is an important feature for website developing. Wix offers its users paid plans for e-commerce. Which obviously means that a free user cannot access the e-commerce without upgrading to the paid plans. WordPress has many free e-commerce plugins for its users. These plugins come with their own customized themes as well. Depending on what you want to accomplish there may be additional charges. This is another post in itself.
  • Technology- When I transitioned over to WordPress I lost all of my urls because Wix used hashbangs in their url, which is basically a url that contains ‘#’. I was not able to forward these urls to my new urls. After promoting my links for over a year and a half, everywhere I posted these links are now inactive. They lead back to the home page but this is a disaster for establishing the blog and longevity of the articles. I’ve tried and searched many solutions with no resolution.  Unfortunately for me Wix finally changed the structure of their URLs in December of 2016.
  • Community and Support-I’ve mentioned previously that when I had an issue with Wix I had to create a support ticket/question online and someone would respond in 24 hours. Members can also vote on features that they would like to be added. Within the WordPress community, there are community-based forums to help you with issues. Depending on the issue you have support from your hosting provider or if it’s a plugin you can work with the company who developed the plugin. There are annual WordCamp conferences around the world that bring bloggers and developers together to learn about best practices and all things WordPress.I recently had a chance to attend one in Atlanta and learned A TON! In addition, there are several WordPress Meetups that you can attend to learn more about WordPress and sometimes get help on any issues. You will find other bloggers who use WordPress and can you can bounce questions off each other.

Ready to start your own blog or website?
You can create a perfect blog or website by using WordPress. The main benefit is that your website gets updated automatically and stays safe from if there is a chance of data loss. WordPress allows you to add some additions to your blog or website like advanced convention fields, Akismet, My private site, Amazon web service and Jetpack.WordPress is far more superior than Wix in every way that benefits the user. For blogs and for developing websites WordPress comes in handy. Wix does prove itself to be useful for creating blogs and developing websites, but there is so much that you can conveniently accomplish by the continuous use of WordPress. The foundation is so important and will save you so much headache in the future. If I knew what I know now, I would have NEVER created a website with Wix. What are some things you wish you knew in the beginning? Comment your thoughts and questions below!

To read more about my migration and what changes I made when switching over to WordPress, click here! 


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A comparison of Wix vs WordPress and why using Wix to build my website was a big mistake.

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